Presentation Erg Tours :

HISTORIA : Erg tours es una agencia de transporte turistico creada en 1992. Erg tours dispone de dos agencia, una en Agadir y otra en Marrakech, y colabora con importantes agencias de viajes a traves del mundo.

DIRECCION : Endowed with sagacity & deep experience, the two brothers AIT SIDI BRAHIM, Mohamed in Agadir & SaId in Marrakech , wreathe Erg Tours with success.

EXPERIENCE : with a great knowledge and experience, Erg Tours drivers will accompany you in really fascinating tours. An inexhaustible fascination that derives sustenance from both the undeniable affability of moroccan people and the eminent variety of natural splendours the kingdom of Morocco enjoys.

VEHICLES : Erg tours has a series of new and well-maintained vehicles and offers it to you for affordable prices.

SPECIALITY : Erg Tours offers its transport services for various circuits all around the Kingdom of Morocco. However, "The Great South" and the bivouac in the desert sand-dunes remain the speciality.

TRASPARENCY : Erg Tours is one of the touristic transport agencies which, by the quality of their services, strive to give you the best possible experience on your visit to our country.

LEGALITE : R.C. 3779 AGADIR / T.V.A. 257 744 / PATENTE Agadir 48136698 / PATENTE Marrakech 45112254 / C.N.S.S. 2297275 / I.F. 6900699